Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tangkak trip + my BestFren sister wedding party

Yeah .. I gone to Johor Tangkak
on 28,29,30Nov 2008

Me and dylan are folow loong bro go his hometown Johor tangkak
And attend his sister wedding party ..
This is my 1st time to go johor tangkak ya ..
Wow.. environment not bad i like it ..
Just have a feel to relax and air fresh ya

Be4 we goto PUDU take bus ..
We goto Mcd makan makan 1st .. hehe ~
Here is petaling street lol ~

Tangkak bus station ..
We reach there closely 530pm alrady lol ~
At the moment .. raining ar ~ *too bad
Reach my loong bro house jor then we just makan some mee
And chit chat chit chat at loong house

After that .. around 10pm
We goto yamcha and chit chat there again

Looking like long time no see .. haha

After yamcha then we go to taman jogging jogging
And saw the environment ..
We saw have 3 oldman chating there ..
We just think .. next time in the future ..
we 3 plp are old alrady maybe wil like tat or not
And also same place they are sit and chat at there or not ~ *haha funny
Huh ~ raining again ~ huh too bad
Then we back home and watch TV lol..

2am jor lu ~ we goto yamcha agian and chat agian ~
3am something.. we are back to home and chit chat and chitchat agian and again until closely 5am then we are slep jor ..
Huh ~ dylan very very noisy while he slep ~

Next day 29Nov
Loong bro's sister wedding party ~ yeah ..nice food

Really as study multimedia student ..

Haha .. sister wedding party also ned to bring a handlycam to shooting tat party..

This is YAM SHENG time la .. but i no drink alcohol ..
I just drink 100plus only .. yeah~ haha

This is wedding party souviner to us
This is my 1st time to gv souviner on wedding party ya ~ *special
Cute cute mouse le ~ hehe i like it too *really very cute

30Nov jor ..
Wow~ cool man
1st time loong bro drive his family car and fecth me and dylan goto jalan jalan cari makan ya !!
Last time go PD and Klang have makan bah gut teh
Now goto johor tangkak also same .. wan to try bah gut teh
Erm .. notbad lol .. is nice ~
This is not a LUO MI rice .. it is yam rice ya ~ *1st time to makan it .. special ya
so fast 3 day alrady ..
I wan to say bye to tangkak jor ~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

May i know who are you ??

OMG ..
Why So ugly .... so dity .. so ..........

I cant see leng lui becos all plp so scare when saw him ~
Wahaha ....

Ok la .. give u some face eventhough u too ugly ..
just take a pic with u la ..
wahaha ....

Monday, November 24, 2008


我的眼泪一直不停的在我眼珠流转 *夸张

有一天.. 不懂怎么她来到我的班上..
我梦醒的那时刻我的眼睛总是泪汪汪的.. *真的


Friday, November 21, 2008

Shooting Final Year Project (FYP)

Shooting for Final Year Project
on 19th and 20th Nov 2008

Group member : Jaykin Loong and Sean (JLS)
Title : Motion Graphic MTV _VFX

Yeah.. finish shooting for our FYP alrady jor lu ~
Damn tire for this two day ya
We 3plp wake up on 7am and

Prapare goto school college hall for shooting ~
very slepy ya !! long time no wake up early jor ~
And very very tire becos we wanna to carry out many many thing to school ~
*2lighting .. 2HandyCam .. 1 DSRL ..1 Dcam.. 1 laptop.. 1tripod .. 1 speaker .. 2chair.. 9piece Greenscreen .. Gel blue paper .. 3 fan .. 1 refection white board .. 1 Mirror and so on ......
3plp carry out this kind of thing ~ huh !!

DIY for shooting ~ make it more smooth while we panning shoot lo..
Erm .. about this DIY ar .. is ok to us lo ~ haha

We are setted up the greenscreen for shooting..
That easy for keying the video lo ~

We are Setted up the 2 lighting and try the camera setting be4 talent come and shooting ya

This is our Make up artist and One of violin talent ~
The make up artist is very very good in responsibility ~
Come early and concentration when she working ~
Very thx for her ~

Here just few of make up accessory only ya ~
She also bring and use many many make up accessory to help us ~
this is 1st time i saw it only !! haha

This is our chinese opera talent ya
Cool or not ne ??

She is our Yang Qin talent ~
Sean briefing her about what she ned to act and performance ya
Sean pro wor ~

I just stand there listen only ~ haha

She is Opera talent ya
We are very proud becos have one model to help us take a shoot ya ~ wahaha

We are shooting violin part of our Motion graphic MTV ya ~

He is dancer talent in our FYP lo ~
He performance like robot style dance lo ~

Ei ~ sean where you go ?
Becareful le bceos me very very scare when i go up !!

Loong geng wor ~ haha
But alone at there ~ hehe

They are good helper when we shooting ya ~
*Ella and Julia
Thank to :
Msteng - help us to apply aprovement letter and guide us always
All of my talent - they have try their best to performance
*Crystal- opera singer
*Vic - piano talent
*Lisa - yang qin talent
*Kent - dancer
* violin talent
Becos they kindly to help us to be talent
Make up artist - jenny - she very responsibility when she working
Tarc - borrow college hall and yang qin to us
Ella and Julia - help us take behind the scene and buy food and swith on off lighting
Winnie - fetch us and bring all the thing go home and borow Dcam to use
Dylan - borrow his small chair to us
Munster - fetch us goto buy something shooting accessory
Siew Lai - intro opera and chinese opera talent and help us ask for dvdcam approvement
Cheong - borrow mask to us
Yew hui -borrow mask to us
Jacob - intro dancer talent to us
Kelferd - borrow his coat to us
If you are helper and i no list ur name here ..
I just say sory here 1st..
Sometime i cant remember suddenly ya ~

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chinese + Western Style

本人觉得中西时尚拥有与众不同的味道与风格~ 那你觉得如何呢?
I think Chinese + Western style can be a new styke to me ~ how u think about it ?

This idea and concept is come from jaychou new ablum new MTV 兰亭序
Erm actually have abit no macth and weird feel .. BUT
I like it .. becos have come out a new style and different look and feel ya..
Wish you all enjoy it too ..
Just support chinese art style .. cool ~

主题 : 中国之光
Title : Proud of chinese

中国之光的含义是于“身为我们中国人应觉得要有光荣..因为不管华族印族巫族外国人咬着舌头在学讲华语在学写华文” *就好像SHE所唱的中国话
Proud of chinese is mean by " we should be proud of being chinese.. it's becoz of learning chinese has became popular among other races nowadays" * so dylan and mun .. u all must learn it ..haha

主题 : 中国时尚
Title : Chinese Fashion

西方时尚加上中国风的设计那有点怪怪..但是我喜爱~ 哈哈
Western fashion + chinese style = weird feel But i like it ~ haha

Friday, November 14, 2008

duckies group

Happy Duckies group .. smile
If no froget this Duckies group is created from Jun 08 while we go redang trip ..
Mun talk to winnie about " what alone what duck de "
Then say say we to be duckies gorup jor ~ hehe^^

Today we met and goto watch MADAGASCA 2
We like to move it move it .. yes move it ~
What we wan to move ?
Move to happy !! yeah !!

we goto makan big big burger and fries !!
very very "zei" and full ~

Wasai ~ total RM115.25 ar ..
PTPTN !! where are you !!
Faster come le .. if not we wan makan roti jor ~ haha
After watch movie ..
we goto sungai wang yamcha * at you yik qun~
Ar ~ very very wan to vomit ar ~ very "zei" very sweet the chicken !!
After sungai wang yamcha ..
we go back genting klang to yamcha and dinner together !!
huh~ have abit stomachache !! huh ~
After yamcha and dinner ..
Back home also wan to group in msn play play and chat chat ~
But some more always bully me and say me !! huh ~
But is ok for fun too .. haha !!
really hope can duckies forever !!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cutey Halloween 2008 in myvertexdesign

Cutey Halloween 2008
I know it is over and pass alrady .. But
I just do it for fun ya
* mention it agian

My concept : *repeat agian
In our mind halloween design is feel like scary and some of horrible .. But
I just design it cute style that TERBALIK with other ya.. So
My charecter must say " WHY no scary .. no enough scary .. and else "
That mean .. my design make he unhappy and then cold me ya ..

Haha ~
Here have 6 series wallpaper ya ~
Wish you enjoy it and happy halloween belated ya~ * very late jor that i know

Series 1_Cutey Halloween 2008
One of clearness environment to him .. haha
he must scold me gao gao !!
Ooi ... Halloween leh .. why no scary !!
Haha ^^

Series 2_Cutey Halloween 2008
This is wallpaper of myvertexdesign "Cutey Halloween 2008 " ya ~
Isit cute ne ?? hehe ^^
There have bat_spider_spider web_pumkin_bone_grave_and cutey evil
Hehe ^^

Series 3_Cutey Halloween 2008
He scold me again la ~
"Huh .. i want scary arrr !! " .. sound like very fierce !!
Haha ~

Series 4_Cutey Halloween 2008
Actually this is same like previous artwork ya ~
But this one have field lol ~
Previous one.. the cute evil stand on clound ya ~
Haha ~

Series 5_Cutey Halloween 2008
One of fairness and rainbow environment to him again ~
I wanna to gei sei him !! Haha ^^
Don give him a scary environment to him ~ haha .. chui meh !! .. blek ~

Series 6_Cutey Halloween 2008 ( header of myblog)
Ok la .. this time give some face to him la ~
Deisgn abit scary and horrible to him la ~ BUT
OMG ~ alamak !!
He very " yim jim " haha ~
Donwan waste time design again for fun lol ~
Finfal Project jor !! wuwu ~

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Header Update

software: photoshop

Title : Happy Halloween
Idea : Different with other design
Concept: Cute

Why my idea is come from Different with other ?
Becos .. in our mind halloween design is feel like scary and some of horrible ..
But i just ned to TERBALIK to design it .. make it cute
Then my charecter must say " WHY no scary .. no enough scary .. and else "
BUT halloween is over already .. pass already !!
Nvm .. i just make it for fun ~ haha ^^

Friday, November 7, 2008




就好像他说的:"我就是要与其他人的MV..风格与曲风不一样! "


wow ~ 有靓女哦!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

so cute and so funny ya

Cute and Funny
New category in

i wil try my best post some cute or funny picture and video here and share with u all ..
Hope you can enjoy here .. hehe ^^

70% similar
One of Boss KFC and one of ah beh ~ haha
I thnink have 70% similar lol~

90% similar
One of chareacter in 3D_Increadible animation and one of baby here ~
similar ma ? i think quite similar ya .. erm i gv 90% look like !!

100% similar
One of Taiwan superstar Jolin and one of funny charecter in CrayonShin
This pic i copy from forward mail ..
When i saw this mail and pic ..
I just automatic to laughy alrady !! funny !!

Haha~ One of Taiwan superstar ..
Unexpectedly quite look like one of funny charecter in CrayonShin !!
堂堂台湾大歌手竟然的姿势像一个傻傻的蜡笔小心人物 !!
*sory for jolin fans

Monday, November 3, 2008

Shooting Piano part in JLS_FYP08

Plan jor long time.. finally we can shooting jor la ~ yeah !!
Me loong Sean very excited for today_011108 becos very expect today coming ya.. haha !!
Sean happy too over jor .. say "fei wa" many be4 we go shoting !!
We can find a class Itali restaurant to sponsor piano for us shoting ~ so good man !!

This is our piano talent and his name call Vic ..

Wasai ~ my dream piano ya !! i wan it !!
Nice ya ~ i like it too much !!

Be4 shooting and must make up ya ~
Thx for our make up artist ~

Erm .. so good her !! and so serious while she working ~

Try to tranfer file to my pc and see see how ~ hehe

What we doing ??
You guess la !! haha ^^

We 3 plp dicussing what angle is better and nice ~

Erm ~ not bad not bad !! haha
Can take the short we want and dream de ~ yeah

Loong and Sean just briefing our talent about the act ~

Sean is look like pro wor !!

Vic try his best to help us ~
very thx for him ~

Erm.. have abit problem tim ~
But we can solve it as well ~ lucky !!

Sean checking costume ya ~
Loong just test test and try to capture it ~
Check and list out our storyboard and what we wan to shot later ~
Loong bro just try the white balance and which resolution is the best ~
Where is sean ??
Yeah .. i am very happy becos i can wear a cot and take photo with my dream piano ya ~
Now we very expect next shoting ~ dok dok ciang ( chinese opera ) fuyoo ~