Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MUD_Multimedia Union Day 2008

design by fish

Yeah..Our Multimedia Union Day 2008 is come today..

we are prapare for started MUD ..and junior wait for entry ..

we haven face the problem of projector..

Yes .. the problem fix alrady .. happy abit jor.. haha.. so we can start de MUD la ..

now.. juniors are register for entry ..

wa.. let our all committee supprise becos many junior come to support and join MUD .. that have 150++ plp ..wahaha

MUD start now .. yehaaaaa

(compress clip )

this is introduction of MUD and done by me, hehe paisei
after my intro .. that have a another clip for intro our committee

(compress clip )
this intro committee and done by kelferd
after the two clip , then have some talk at there ..

i donknow why i too happy at the moment ..haha

after the talk at DKABD and sport games start la .. that have 6 station game for our junior .. they ned to pass one by one station and get the mark .. see which group are win and get a ncie hamper .. yeah

this is my partner_loong of the sport game

this is our game station la .. it is call "zhuan zhuan zhuan" that mean turn turn turn lo.. hehe^^ pening or not ??

this game cal "kait kiat kiat " and plan by sean and honmun

this game is plan by jipeng and steve

this game is plan by chong hung and henry .. "gues what is that "

this game is cal " mo mo mo" guess what thing inside the barrel ..plan by melvin and ah mok

this is another game plan by camie and joshua they demo to fun .. sweet there .. hehe

After all the sport games ..
we have another performance for fun ..

who wan PK with jacob .. breakdance .. cool ar

Junior perform moonwalk .. is cool too ..

this guy perform " how to sexy dance " wor .. hehe , very funny and all the MUD plp high alrady..not bad wor

walao .. what the perform there ?? what he doing now ?? all the plp high enough..haha

After performance ..
have another performance in computer lab again..
wow ..many activity..

they are dance "cha cha " at there .. dylan donkow why so happy .. hehe

Dylan perform monkey dance ya .. haha ^^ all the MUD plp also say good ..
junior perform funny catwalk .. all the MUD plp make a noise ..

group 5 is ella and julia group .. they are winner of sport games .. congratulation ya ..
After all the program , we have take a MUD family picture ya .. sweet memory

MUD family pic .. serious pose

MUD family pic .. funny pose

thx all the MUD committee, our classmate, all the supporter that junior DML1,DML2 and AML1..
our MUD 2008 committee hope that all the junoir wil continue to run this MUD event forever for our junior junior .......and possible can invite us senior to join ya .. hehe

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I be a robot

OMG.. my hand ??
this is my assigment now .. demo version ..
my concept is ROBOT ..
have the feel that ??

Friday, June 20, 2008

MODEL_motion graphic_coming soon

Coming soon in Vertex Design

I creating a new artwork that is a motion graphic to show out an attitude of the MODEL ..
Now .. i am expose some screen shot of my design here ..
hope u enjoy it ..thx

software : After FX and Photoshop

Thursday, June 19, 2008

typo portrait_vertexdesign

who is him ??
can you all guess who is him after you take a view ??
please enjoy it .. thx

yeah..look like him ma ?? yes .. he is my super idol -jaychou

software : illustation .. after FX

Monday, June 16, 2008

下一站 (next station plan )

All my best fren please attention here .. thx
We have a new plan for 831day ya ..
Loong suggest 831 day gathering at out side .. donwan Setapak Ria BBQ ..
I also think this suggestion is better and nice ..
Becos if BBQ at here, we just can met few hour ONLY..
NO enough fun for us and no more activity too..haha ^^
Hope can goto one day trip or 2day 1 nite fun ya ..
How you all think about it ne ??
Who want join please imform me as soon as possible ya , thx
HOPE it Hope it success again .. hehe

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pulau Redang_11-130608 trip .. 7plp
very thx to u all becos no u all the trip is no success..
very thx to u all agian becos u all make me really raelly happy very very fun..
i must keep it in sweet memory,i wil remember that forever..
hope we can goto again.. or another trip ..yeah ~ very hope have trip again with u all..

we are go forward for snorkelling now ..yeah , very happy and expect becos this is my 1st time for snorkelling and can see my favor fish_nemo in under sea with coral.. finally and lucky i see it that very cute very nice.. wow ~

becos of 1st time, i donknow snorkelling / swimming and get a feel that snorkelling is no fun no nice becos i can't see any fish and coral as wel , but lucky my bro loong guide and bring me go to deep and see it ~ very very thx for him (becos they all know snorkelling/ swimming and go deep already, i can't folow them , just alone at fleet only) .. slow slowly i learn and know how to snorkelling already.. i just feel snorkelling is very very nice.. i can see many kind and colorful of coral and fish..

this pic i very like .. when me snorkelling.. my fren shuyit capture it to me..thx thx ya.. i also have help u take that but we think no enough nice la ..sory about it becos under the sea and very hard to adjust the angle ya ..
sean and me
this picture is capture by my fren dylan from baot, when he take it we also donknow.. haha , if not we can make a nice pose la, haha kidding ^^
sean u look like nemo fish ya , haha ( shuyit say it 1st de)..from this pic u all also can see the sea is very very clean ya and we can see fish and coral as well ..
me ..dylan ..loong
we back from snorkelling at boat now..
dylan and me
we so happy while we 7plp fun at beach ..haha , dylan u are strong that easy to take me , haha or maybe i thin only ~

shuyit and me
i have a feel that we are stil in childhood and play at beach ..haha ^^
so nice and cute picture thx for loong to "steal taken it " to us

when we free at nite becos raining and we can't go out, so we stay at home to play card games, who are losser and have a punish ..the punish is very "geli " food that mixed with many kind of junk food,drink,sweetyand so on.. i eat liao 3 times ya very very scare and "geli" to eat it, but no choice we must folow the rules becos "we are loser" ..shuyit i wan to tel u a thing , u don think u are lucky always.. next time or have a chance then u wil be more time loser ya ..haha ..bleck

this is one of my photograph for redang trip ..
Redang Bay beach.. nice to me
Many fish and coral in the seav..nice
My fren , if u have interest and wan to see more aboutmy redang bay trip picture, please goto my frenster thx

Monday, June 9, 2008

Yes ..... redang trip start from tonite

Redang trip start from ton that our frenship dream , and this dream come true now , yehaaaaa .......wahaha ~very excited .. very expect , very happy , very very ....... haha ~ ponteng ponteng , go go go go ...... haha

Sunday, June 8, 2008

my_vertexdesign logo launch now

Yes , this is my new logo .....

i make it simple and easy to memories.. actually this motion is quite common but i like , i just think is cool and just do it. I craete a butterfly becos it is my trade mark .. yeah ~

wish u all enjoy it .. thx