Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[ Jaykin ] 2009 August

yes .. i am working now .. this photo is taken from my working time or shooting time, at the time we are shooting one of product.. at the moment, I am Director , Art director and Camera man .. huh ~ very very tired ( you can see through my face from this pic ).. my shooting time from 10am - 11pm .. BUT of course i have break time to take my lunch and tea time .. reach home already 12am+ already, finish my dinner and shower then sleep day shooting again ..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Miracle world_ vertex design

software:3D max , Adobe photoshop

recently i feel some stress and boring .. what i can to do ..
design .. yes !!
design is my fun ..
design can describable all my feeling ..
design can spend my time and relax my mind ..

I like this poster so much, may be it is related to my best friend and bro here ( loong, dylan, sean and mun )
From this poster, i will remember that my study life.. very very missing it as well..
Remember how are we rush assignment together, how to fix all the problem of project ..
Now.. no any chance to do for it already ..
I wish .. i wish our relationship is forever .. hope can keep in touch always..

click here to view Miracle world ..This is done by today 02.08.09
( i will post my art work at here )